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Bashing Barack Obama…

Obama loses the Left: suddenly, it’s cool to bash Barack <~~~~~~~Click the Link to read the story…

I said many moons ago that the emperor had no clothes on, and now suddenly people who had Vaseline on their eyeballs have wiped it away and see this clown for the empty suit he actually has been all along.

Too little, too fucking late.

Now instead of competent worthwhile leadership we have to go into another four years of incompetency, rhetoric, and utter stupidity which is something this country can’t afford.

If people would stop viewing Presidential Campaigns as little more than sporting events where you root for your team to win….and start treating it as a very serious exercise that can literally mean the life or death of our nation…we could start to move back in a direction that had our country on top.

Long Live the Queen!

This is an excerpt of a brillant article about Hillary Clinton. While the author is still holding out a hope for Hillary to run again (delusional)…she makes some good points about the Clinton brand winning out after the battering it took this past year.

King Obama v. Queen Clinton — Check or Checkmate?

By Colleen O’Connor, SDNN
Monday, December 7, 2009

Chess is a war game.

You win by playing your opponent, not the game.

The patient, wily, and deft player often triumphs more frequently than the flashy, lightening quick one.

A grand master will pick off the pawns as they cross into enemy territory and then concentrate on checking the King.

The Queen has the greatest maneuverability of all the chess pieces. She can be the most lethal.

The King, by contrast, is often barricaded behind a wall of defenders, with little room to escape-save in a bold and risky fashion.

The King is dying. Long live the Queen.

Quietly, and under almost everyone’s radar, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been vanquishing her foes, while President Barack Obama has been multiplying his.

Furthermore, she has been paying off her debts, while Obama has been multiplying his (and the country’s) I.O.U.s.

Obama is down in the polls. Clinton is up. He is losing his liberal base and taking heat on health care, the wars, broken promises, gate crashers, the bailouts, and a grand design that leaves his base behind.

As New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd  wrote Sunday, “The Obama White House is morphing into the Bush White House with frightening speed. Its transparency is already fogged up.”

You can read more of this excellent article and how the Clintons are taking down the backstabbers one by one, by clicking here!

And this is an interesting little tidbit:

On Tuesday night, Clinton may win promotion of another pawn to a valuable seat in the U.S. Senate-and enhance her position on the political chess board.

A non-Kennedy, non-Obama candidate  may win the special election to replace the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, and become the first woman ever elected to the U.S. Senate from that ultra liberal state.

If Clinton supporter and Massachusetts Attorney General  Martha Coakley wins  that will make the ninth score that Clinton has settled. And it will have happened in the state that the Kennedy family once ruled.

What’s interesting is, Martha Coakley did win the special election.

Go Team Clinton!

Surrealist Nightmare…

This world is becoming more and more absurd. Since when are Nobel Peace Prizes given out for “potential” versus “actuality”.  Of course those who are rabid supporters of this bungling President see nothing at all wrong with honoring him with a Nobel Peace Prize when he has absolutely nothing to show for it other than his soaring rhetoric…

Anyway…since this is such a silly farce, I think a few cartoons sum up nicely how pathetic and laughable this entire situation continues to be.CrazyAbsurdist Nonsense...The Truth

I dunno if I’d use the word, “Honorable”…

Once again…Hillary is ahead of the pack thinking outside of the box, and ultimately will be pilfered from and given no credit for her ideas.

But while it does stick in my craw that a person that doesn’t know anything, Obama, just plagarizes all ideas from Hillary while pretending like he has the brains to come up with it himself…she’s ultimately to blame.

If you allow yourself to be used and abused, you are to blame for it. If you did the popular kid’s homework for them, while they treated you like shit when in front of their “friends”, you’re the poor schlub too stupid to stand up for yourself.

Anyway…once again Hillary is trying to work for the people that despise her and asking that other dumbass who doesn’t know how to lead a country to lead this country.

You can read it here on her Senate site. Of course, since it has a lot of words and requires most people to think I’m pretty sure no one is going to read. Until Obama puts it in a music video starring Kanye, P. Diddy and Paris Hilton.

You were fooling yourselves…

That title is directed at the Hillary supporters who switched to Obama thinking that in supporting him, he and his cronies were going to have a place for Hillary in HIS administration and to treat HER with respect.

I watched in utter disbelief as people actually believed that he was going to pick her as his Vice Prezzie…then I just shook my head when others talked about how she as going to be a “lion in the Senate”.

I direct your attention to this story. Seems that they’re still intent on putting Hillary in her place. I’m going to cut and paste the article just in case it “disappears” later in an effort to white wash the backstabbing/backbiting of the “unified” Democratic Party.

Continue reading You were fooling yourselves…

Hillary Clinton still fighting the good fight…

Hillary Clinton wrote this letter in response to a rape victim in Somalia being stoned to death when she wanted to press charges.

His Excellency Ban Ki-Moon
Secretary General
The United Nations
871 United Nations Plaza
New York, New York 10017

Dear Mr. Secretary General:

I am deeply disturbed by recent news reports of the stoning death of a 13-year-old Somali girl. The circumstances leading up to this death are particularly shocking. After being brutally raped by 3 men while traveling to visit her grandmother, the girl turned to local authorities for assistance. Instead of receiving protection, she was accused of adultery and publicly executed in a stadium full of bystanders. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has already condemned this death, and I would urge you to ensure that all organizations within the UN system strengthen their efforts to protect girls and women in conflict situations.

The situation in Somalia is perilous. The nation is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, with almost half of the population in need of food assistance. Amnesty International reports that aid and human rights workers are at risk for killings and abduction, limiting their ability to provide aid to the millions in need. Girls and women are at increased risk of sexual assault and violence.

However, we cannot let worsening conditions further jeopardize children, particularly those who seek protection from authorities after they themselves have been attacked. The tragic death of this girl cannot be left unchallenged; those that perpetrated such a crime must know that the world has condemned their actions. I hope that the United Nations will work with countries around the world to protect the rights of girls and women and ensure their safety in conflict situations.


Hillary Rodham Clinton

Even after being called a “proto-racist” by the jackals we call, “the media” she is still quietly fighting her fight for everyone. What a shame that I still hear the same talking point lies out of people’s mouths. And they’re not even ashamed about it. What is also interesting is that you won’t hear this type of speech from Obama. What will be interesting is, if Michelle Obama will rip off Hillary’s humantarian stances and co-opt them for her own when she is installed as First Lady, you know like her husband rips off Hillary’s ideas on how to fix this country.

Why the Clinton’s allow themselves to be used and abused, I’ll never know. What abuse you say?…stay tuned…