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Bashing Barack Obama…

Obama loses the Left: suddenly, it’s cool to bash Barack <~~~~~~~Click the Link to read the story…

I said many moons ago that the emperor had no clothes on, and now suddenly people who had Vaseline on their eyeballs have wiped it away and see this clown for the empty suit he actually has been all along.

Too little, too fucking late.

Now instead of competent worthwhile leadership we have to go into another four years of incompetency, rhetoric, and utter stupidity which is something this country can’t afford.

If people would stop viewing Presidential Campaigns as little more than sporting events where you root for your team to win….and start treating it as a very serious exercise that can literally mean the life or death of our nation…we could start to move back in a direction that had our country on top.

Surrealist Nightmare…

This world is becoming more and more absurd. Since when are Nobel Peace Prizes given out for “potential” versus “actuality”.  Of course those who are rabid supporters of this bungling President see nothing at all wrong with honoring him with a Nobel Peace Prize when he has absolutely nothing to show for it other than his soaring rhetoric…

Anyway…since this is such a silly farce, I think a few cartoons sum up nicely how pathetic and laughable this entire situation continues to be.CrazyAbsurdist Nonsense...The Truth

That Idiotic Debate…and why neither of those morons won…

To put it bluntly…all I heard from those two morons is an outline of the problem. Not a solution…but an outline.

And honestly that’s all they could give was an outline because they have no actual plan of attack for the mounting problems this country is facing.

I hate to say it, but if Hillary were on that stage, she would’ve made every single question about the economy.

These numbskulls were all to happy to stick with the script because they DON’T have any quick solutions for what to do NOW about the problems we’re having NOW.

There is never any specificity in anything these fools say, it’s always, “we have to have more regulation.”

Okay WHAT KIND of regulation…what would be the body who would oversee it?

We have to do Iraq/Afghanistan the “right way” um huh? WTF does that mean?

Am I taking fucking crazy pills here? Am I the only one that sees that neither one of those bozos says anything substantive?


She reminds me of Tina Fey.

Yeah, I think people are underestimating McCain. He’s sharper than I gave him credit for.

He has done a few things here with this pick…

1. For those Hillary voters who were only energized to vote for McCain out of spite, this gives them an excuse to “feel better” about their choice as it will stick it to the Dems in a poetic justice sort of way.

2. This will and has already secured his base…which is what he was going to need. I knew they were going triangulate anyway. I personally think the Republicans were playng up this antipathy for McCain to lull the Democrats into a false sense of security.

3. He can begin to point out Obama’s inexperience more through Obama’s attacks of Palin’s inexperience. What I mean by that is…while Obama is taking about the bottom of the ticket, McCain can talk about the top of the ticket being inexperienced.

4. The Republicans will ultimately use the sexism that the Democrats showed against Hillary…against them. Meaning, they will highlight every sexist thing said against Palin to paint the party of “progressives” as the hypocrites they are. It’s amazing really cause the Republicans are sexist, but they have now seen that Democrats are JUST as sexist if not more. This will have a two fold effect…

A. Obama will have to come out and apologize for the sexism to make sure he keep his female voting block in tact ESPECIALLY the Republican women that supposedly flocked to him so he’ll always be in apologize mode.

B. If Obama ignores the inevitable attacks of sexism, Republicans won’t hesitate to draw parallels with what happened during the primary which will turn people off of Obama because they’re reliving the history of the past year and a half.

I mean just like the laughing at Obama’s celebrity…McCain knows how to play this game…while looking like a doddering old man who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Should be interesting how this all plays out in the next couple of months.

Everyone’s talking about “The Speech”…

It was fine, but kind of boring and over long.

And the issues that Obama raised had already been covered by Clinton at the “Million Man March”.

Clinton’s speech was much better than Obama’s because Clinton gave it as a response to positivity…where as Obama’s was given as a response to negativity…(Reverend Wright and his associations).

Obama gets zero credit from me on this… Continue reading Everyone’s talking about “The Speech”…