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Bashing Barack Obama…

Obama loses the Left: suddenly, it’s cool to bash Barack <~~~~~~~Click the Link to read the story…

I said many moons ago that the emperor had no clothes on, and now suddenly people who had Vaseline on their eyeballs have wiped it away and see this clown for the empty suit he actually has been all along.

Too little, too fucking late.

Now instead of competent worthwhile leadership we have to go into another four years of incompetency, rhetoric, and utter stupidity which is something this country can’t afford.

If people would stop viewing Presidential Campaigns as little more than sporting events where you root for your team to win….and start treating it as a very serious exercise that can literally mean the life or death of our nation…we could start to move back in a direction that had our country on top.

You did it, no you did it!

As usual the boneheads are pointing fingers and not realizing that this economic crisis was a financial “perfect storm” that crashed upon the United States.

As usual FACTCHECK.ORG gives you the fact sans the fiction. They’re a good resource, (for now until someone gets it in their head to corrupt them as well)…and I like their fairness. If you click the link, they give you the cliff notes version of the crisis, and all the mitigating factors that lead to our troubles.

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That Idiotic Debate…and why neither of those morons won…

To put it bluntly…all I heard from those two morons is an outline of the problem. Not a solution…but an outline.

And honestly that’s all they could give was an outline because they have no actual plan of attack for the mounting problems this country is facing.

I hate to say it, but if Hillary were on that stage, she would’ve made every single question about the economy.

These numbskulls were all to happy to stick with the script because they DON’T have any quick solutions for what to do NOW about the problems we’re having NOW.

There is never any specificity in anything these fools say, it’s always, “we have to have more regulation.”

Okay WHAT KIND of regulation…what would be the body who would oversee it?

We have to do Iraq/Afghanistan the “right way” um huh? WTF does that mean?

Am I taking fucking crazy pills here? Am I the only one that sees that neither one of those bozos says anything substantive?