Bashing Barack Obama…

Obama loses the Left: suddenly, it’s cool to bash Barack <~~~~~~~Click the Link to read the story…

I said many moons ago that the emperor had no clothes on, and now suddenly people who had Vaseline on their eyeballs have wiped it away and see this clown for the empty suit he actually has been all along.

Too little, too fucking late.

Now instead of competent worthwhile leadership we have to go into another four years of incompetency, rhetoric, and utter stupidity which is something this country can’t afford.

If people would stop viewing Presidential Campaigns as little more than sporting events where you root for your team to win….and start treating it as a very serious exercise that can literally mean the life or death of our nation…we could start to move back in a direction that had our country on top.

4 thoughts on “Bashing Barack Obama…”

  1. All hate no substance. They’ve actually managed to bring us back from the brink. You’re gripe is with their lack of style points. I’m sure you’d much rather the debonair decisiveness and downright likable stupidity with which Dubya nearly ran us into the ground. Grow up.

  2. They haven’t managed to do anything, but the same thing that Bush Jr. did.

    That is to continue to rip off the middle class, so we can be a country of haves and have nots.

  3. The president(s) are not the source of the problem…the news media is. They are out of control and have silently become the 4th branch of government…with no oversight. They fill the sheep (low information citizens) with biased garbage and make millions of dollars off these people. The press is starved for power, but to cowardly to run for office themselves. My movement is to take the press down. Their job is to report factual information, not dictate opinion and control hearts and minds for ratings. Realize who is your enemy…them!

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