My how we’ve changed…

Remember a certain gender bending role in the late 90’s?

The movie was called, “The Crying Game” great movie, but the whole twist was that the lady was really a dude.

If you haven’t seen it and are now upset that I’ve given away the big surprise…oh well.

Anywhoo…foward life about 17 years, and the break out gender bending star of the controversial movie looks a tad bit different.

Why say it with words when you can say it with pictures…

Jaye Davidson then:


And Jaye Davidson aka Alfred Amey now:


Wow…I guess someone discovered supplements and scissors…

He’s on Facebook, if you have the balls/ovaries to ask him to add you. I tend to think you will be, DENIED!

21 thoughts on “My how we’ve changed…”

  1. OMG, i’ve searched this for weeks. thank you for the scoop. where did you find the pics, because i can’t find him on facebook.

    from the bigboot, emil

  2. What a scoop, now i understand his nazi role in the shortfilm coming soon. where did you take the pics because i can’t find him on facebook. thanks

  3. Oh my fucking GAG! WHAT, WHAT, WHAT! HOW! WHAT and WHY!? Why would you trade in Ra the SUN GOD CUNT, for JOE SHMOE giving LATE butch? Thats taking your OWN life away. Diving HEAD FIRST in the the concrete, after a HEIGHTENED jump. As a proud androgynous individual, I have looked up to Davidson for YEARS, only to discover he is a mockery of his former glorious self. I suppose I can aspire to the likeness of the previous ambiguous icon. I’m still in shock and awe at this tragic revelation.

  4. He look really strange now. its a strange feeling to see him like this, but i think its his way of life! And we all cant be young forever, i wish we could but it isnt so. I’m happy that he is heatly and thats all i want to know ^^

    Which nazi movie? tell me more.


  5. Well, I was thinking of him/her 3 years ago in a story I’ve made and turn out he becomes my Jimbald. I still think that feminity, sensuality, skip the androgyni, all that said his/her innate attributes still intact. Plz share all those georgeous pics of this remarkable character. And plz share the information of his/her new role as I’ll bet he will become the most sexiest Nazi baldheaded fabulous symbol sex of all times! Old talent returns! Hottest male ever! And I got trouble sleeping all this long.

  6. i am wondering why this guy shows his stage name on facebook but refuses to add people. he should have registered with his real name, then we won’t bother him.

  7. I don’t think he’s on facebook anymore, he can’t be found under either name. Where’d you find it?

  8. One of the most beautiful humans on earth…. I guess he is afraid…. I morn the loss of such

  9. wow this is shocking! there goes my world !
    Anyway nice to see that he is healthy, change, after all, is a necessity for life.
    If you want to stick in the same character forever, that’s how you become old.
    And the ancient Jaye lives forever in our hearts and on the film.

  10. Alfred you’re a wonderful person I am truly sorry that some people can’t see your true beauty. I respect your privacy I just wish that you can add some fans on Facebook, so they can correspond with you. I am an African American polyamorous pansexual woman, I can’t speak for the whole gay community I can only speak for myself. When I say that I am very proud of you!

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